Olivia Pils

Olivia Pils a.k.a. FAKE mistress is a singer, musiscian, artist and social anthropolgist. Since 1992 she has been organising concerts and art festivals in Berlin.

As a solo performer FAKE mistress uses her classically trained voice to explore the range of emotions that can be expressed, going from harmony to grotesque. The music is a mix of samples of field-recordings and cut-outs of classical orchestra music, fusing images of fragments of films, emotions and stories into a modern symphony.

Under the headline Amusement Art , Olivia Pils creates sculptural environments and walk-in rooms that resemble an estranged Disneyland, by doing a composition of light, music and moving sculptures made out of domestic devices.
These worlds mirror realities through poetical images. They refer to visions of utopia and dystopia and are based on science-fiction literature as well as on biographical elements.