Laila Evensen

Visual artist
Works in Berlin & Haugesund

Laila Evensen originally specialised in photography and printmaking, later moving on to video and installation.

She completed her Fine Art BA at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, UK, in 2001, and has shown her work internationally the last 11 years, as well as being part of various groups (including Red Gallery, 54°N, and Safe as Milk) organising exhibitions and events in Berlin, the UK, and in Norway.

" The theme of my art evolves around the difference between the personal contra collective experience of private/public space, relating to freedom of movement, physical expression, and navigation in everyday life. People need guidance, and are automatically driven towards being part of the bigger picture."

" I try to emphasise that even in a group we stand alone, that being part of a crowd does not necessarily mean that there is a social community and feeling of togetherness. I play with light and darkness and want to encourage the onlooker to contemplate the good and bad. I find it essential to create some form of a balance between the positive and the negative, combining play with more serious underlying comments."

" The number 7 is re-occurring in my projects, and is an important factor, referencing the human cycle; the number of years the cells in our bodies need to re-new. The number 7 is also symbol of totality, and creative perfection, a number often used in fairy tales, in biblical and other philosophical and historical documents, a number which transgresses time, place, religion, culture and country boundaries. 7 can always divide the number of figures/items used in my installations."