Julian Bonequi

Julian Bonequi (1974) is a mexican artist working mostly with noise & improvised music since 1995.
Curator of Audition Records, RAM “Radical Animation & Musik”, associated curator and promoter at
Ohrengala-Bei Roy. Independent producer in collaboration with Transfertlab Studio for Art in Releases...

In 2004 moved to Europe to study 3d animation and worked as cg artist for big companies and research
groups for interactive technologies and videogames in Barcelona (2007-2011). Professor at the University
Pompeu Fabra and at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in the Master Degree in Animation (2009-
2011). In 2010 he moved to Berlin where he currently lives..

As improviser [ amplified drums and voice ], his musical research focuses on emotional instability,
semantic landscapes and cathartic explosions and even alienated as an act of concentration.

He has performed under the conduction of William Parker, Keith Tippett, Eddie Prévost, London
Improvisers Orchestra, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, w/ Alex von Schlippenbach… Tristan Honsinger,
Paul Hession, Mat Pogo, Els Vandeweyer, Ute Wassermann, Hans Tammen, Olaf Rupp, Dave Tucker,
Joke Lanz, Vagina Dentata Organ…

Current projects: Das Apparat, Animales Varios, Ultraspießer.
Other projects around Europe: Tabla y Cuchillo, Sangre Azteca, Çağlar-Mori-Özemek-Futaci,
Comechingones, The Third Mind, Pandillismo, Machinations of Joy.

At the end of 90′s he played with the legendary mexican band Decibel (1999) including his last concert
with them at Fiat Lux: The Complete Recordings (1977-2000); Culto Sin Nombre (2003)… Basically
psychedelic bands, chamber music, rock in opposition and other folkloric fusions in Mexico City…

audition records | vimeo