davidly plays something called a Handsonic, which is similar to an electronic hand-drum/synthetic keyboard, but with rubber pads in lieu of keys. He used to play in a band called MiLkBabY in Chicago, where his background was in theatre as both an actor and musician. He often recounts the honor of being able to study with director Del Close in a shameless attempt to connect his own history with that of a legend.

His credits as an actor include the starring role in Vincent Bruckert's "Here's Buford" directed by Ann Filmer. He was a member of the National Pastime Theater company in Chicago, scoring plays live and dead, with and without his primary collaborator Barry Bennett, who is, along with davidly, the only Handsonic player left in the world.

davidly still intermittently makes an appearance with MiLkbabY's Tracee Westmoreland in the Euro-duo eBabY.

Based in Berlin, he has often played with the Ohmnoise-led collective, CD Kreisverband Friedrichshain. Currently his endeavors involve the jazz-trash trio Froggy Burger, originally the brainchild of French bassist extraordinaire, Nico Petitdan aka Kobah.

davidly has occasionally hosted Salon Bruit's various radio projects, including Radio Einheit on Pi-Radio and is currently co-hosting along with Kate Donovan the radio show "Kate Donovan & davidly Play with Words & Music" on 88vier as part of an ongoing project with CoLaboRadio. Many of the broadcasts are archived at mixcloud.com/KateDonovanAndDavidly/

He sometimes rants about culture and politics in his e-diary and collaborates with animators, photographers, and video artists. 'Devastations Kino' with photographer Robert Lorenz, described by Sorbian-German author and poet Kito Lorenc as "gruselig", has been performed from Wuischke to Schwerte. The short-animation "Einheit oder Vielfalt" by davidly and iconic artist and film animator Michael Schmacke - and based on davidly's poem "zum nicht verbindlichen B├╝rgerentscheid" - took second prize at the Megaspree Film Festival 2009.


All of this, including a partial list of collaborators and current dates can be explored by way of his homepage at