CRUST is a Berlin based trio spontanously founded in summer 2011 at the legendary festival of Tuczno (PL) - on the buttom of a bottle of vodka.

ANY (US) - Abyssal vocals, 
Koba (FR) - Bended HR16, miscellaneous electronics,
Dr. Nexus (BLN) - Suitcase of electronic Chaos. 

Each member bringing their own expeience to the triad.
ANY comes from dance and performance - Koba from instrumental improvised music and noise, also member of Dar Krift - Dr. Nexus from soundart, installations, noize and industrial music.

Deep inside the molten chambers of a blast furnace, the key of abyss opened its mouth wide and all that was left was unknown kicking and twisting matter.
It is to this tune we play.